Focusing on the Present
Why the past and future don't really matter.

June 30th, 2014

So, let's get this straight.

I believe I have hit that stage of my life where I can finally witness the diverging the many lives I have come to know.
What do I mean by this? Well, it has been almost three full years since high school ended, and that has caused some odd happenstances to congeal on my Facebook News Feed.
(and by odd happenstances, I mean I am beginning to feel like an outsider on a social networking site)

When I departed for college, I left basically all of my past friendships with it (except those that went with me).
I don't get to hang out with old friends, but to hang out with the new. I've realized that college forces you to make a change, and one that is not so easy taken.
You leave your entire life back when you travel far for school. No connections exist except for the ones you forge in the path ahead, but what do you do about the ones you left behind?
Now that we live in such an interconnected world, those connections linger whether you like it or not. This applies even further back than one might imagine.
When I see the familiar faces of high school friends or the last glimpses of a childhood with my old old elementary friends, I begin to wonder and think about WHY I even have them on my Facebook.
That thought eventually leads to a deep analysis to why we even keep 'friends' we barely talk to, barely pay attention to, and barely acknowledge on Facebook. What is so necessary for us to cling on to expired friendships and past relationships that it starts becoming filler on our news feed?
It is safe to say that we get sentimental. We yearn for lives once had. We grasp on to what we used to hold dear.

For nothing.

As said by CGPGrey on a recent blogpost, "What have you in common with your ten-year-old self? Though he may share some basic traits and he may look like you, is he you? Would he make any of the same decisions as you? Like what you like? Think what you think?

No. He's dead."

Yes that seems morbid.

But it's true.

We aren't the same people we used to be. When looking back in time all we see are visages of a time long past.
Same applies to our relationships.

Our lives diverge.

Our personalities wither and regrow.

We aren't meant to relive the past, because, well, the past is long gone.

But, there always is the present.
There always is that assurance that we are pruning our future selves to hopefully not mess anything up soon.
And, we always have our current friendships. Sure, they might not last, but we can enjoy the experience while we can and move on.
We can enjoy the fact that our future selves will most likely look back at this moment with more sentimentality and appreciate the friendships we have NOW.

Because when it comes to life, there really is no time like the present.
John Lee - 2014