Making a Blog Framework
First Tech Post


Look here! I made a blog!

Doesn't sound that exciting, I know, but if there's one cool thing you can do 2:52a.m. in the morning, it's code a really ugly blog maker. So basically... that's what I did.

For the non-technical readers:

Sorry. That's really all I have to say.

For the Technical Readers

Using Markdown and a nifty thing called FileSaver.js, I managed to get a pretty simple blog editor together.
For those that don't know, Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion format so that I can put tons of dashes all of a sudden and I have a neat line break. (like you see above)
Also no more pesky <br> tags clouding my vision in Sublime. Yeah. That's nice too.
FileSaver.js is basically a workaround to being able to save files to the computer. Normally browsers disabled the functionality (except IE of course) and this is an easy workaround to an easy editor.


So basically you can see a screenshot of my work so far. It's ugly, I know, but it gets the work done. Maybe now I'll be more motivated to blog (like that is going to happen...)
Nonetheless, now you get to see more meta photos as I type more stuff. Voila!

Now, there, I'm done with the self-referencing photos.


As you can see, I have input boxes for the title, subtitle, and even the background photo if I'm feeling fancy on finding random pictures on reddit.
Also, original photo can be found HERE.
The preview button opens a new tab and populates it with what would be seen if you downloaded it directly.
So there.... first day's work on a blogging program. I was inspired by Matt (my roommate), but he was working on something more elaborate. Anywho, very tired.
Should never type publicly early in the morning. But anyways, just wanted to get my first test website out there.

Ill write more later. Maybe. Hopefully.

John Lee - 2014